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Blues Would Rather Be Happy Than Right!

September 28th, 2015

For any high Blue, being happy is almost always the easy choice. It’s less about being right, and more about getting along. Blues also know that there is no such thing as a win-lose. Just because someone thinks they’ve won in an argument or got their way with a Blue – that doesn’t mean they’ve “won.” They’ve actually lost. Lost a little trust, a small part of the relationship has been eroded, and thing just won’t be the same. So Blues know it’s always a win-win or lose-lose.

In the ideal world of Blues, we would all get along, care about each other, and support each others’ dreams and hopes. We would work in a positive environment where people come before paperwork and we do our small part to make a difference in the life of others.
Blues find it difficult to be their positive selves when they know others are hurting, feeling left out, or needing help, or a shoulder to cry on.

Their own priorities will usually take a back seat to helping others. Most of the time, that’s a win-win and a great self-esteem builder. Whether that’s helping someone, the extra coaching, the five minutes listening to someone vent, and hundreds of other small ways. At other times, however, it can come at their expense and turns into a lose-lose. Now if they just had a partner or boss that understood….

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