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Mr. Clean Messes Up

September 2nd, 2014

I don’t actually know this person’s first name – it’s just the nickname I gave him. He works with a relative who started sharing Mr. Clean’s self-destruct actions within a month of being hired.

The second weekend of his contract Mr. Clean spent hours cleaning the work areas of all the permanent senior staff. He not only threw stuff out and rearranged everything, but also left them a note of how they ought to keep their work areas cleaner and neater. That was followed by a letter to his boss on how he has to deal with ‘messy pigs,’ and how his boss really ought to run the department better and more efficiently. Last week he put away all the tools and cleaned up…half way through the job…

His previous position was as a bar manager. But, as he shared with my relative, he was fired. To this day he still doesn’t understand why. Waitresses were totally disorganized and messy, and he had to spend all his time cleaning, organizing after them, and riding their a&* …

There are lots more stories as Mr. Clean continues to mess up and to self-destruct. Want to bet whether his contract will be renewed in a few months? I didn’t think so…
Your first Color is how you want the world to function. But you need to constantly remind yourself that others don’t share that view. Your strengths are those of your Color. But take them a bit too far in wanting to bring the world around to your way of life and you’ll be in real trouble on any team, as a leader, and in your relationship.

When you’re at Wendy’s you can’t order a Big Mac: What one specific thing in your first Colors are you trying to change in others? You may not see it, or even want to acknowledge it, but when you do, all your relationships will improve. Ask someone you trust: If they care enough to share (and know Colors), they’ll tell you. But care enough to ask and to want to know in the first place! (This is an extended section in the Advanced Colors seminar!)

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