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Are You Single and Dating On-line?

July 10th, 2014

Since I’m single (but don’t deal with any on-line dating sites) the recent story in Macleans was certainly interesting. All four of our Colors have on-line dating profiles but deal with these sites for very different reasons (right, Gold & Green introverts?)

There are actually more than 1,500 different sites and almost 40 million people in North America use them. They range from free to more than $60 a month and it’s a $1.5 billion industry. But are people looking for love in all the wrong places? It’s the second most popular way to find a mate, but through a method where over 80% of people misrepresent their age, height, or weight… and who knows what else?

Is on-line dating kind of like the failure rate of diet plans of more than 90 percent, or a great way to meet people? Who knows – but the author of a recent book suggests a problem: Since there are lots of people on these sites, most people won’t put in the effort to build a relationship. After all, they can just contact the next person the next day.

So called second-generation dating sites claim to use all kinds of personality tests to predict compatibility. But are they looking to match people with like-minded personality types, or focusing on the old saying (that makes two-thirds of relationships) that opposites attract?

If you’re single, how to do you get from here to married – or at least a longer-term relationship? Have you done one of the on-line personality tests? If you’re Blue and on one of these sites, how on earth can it work when your biggest asset is your intuition about someone? That only works face to face! Do Oranges make the time for endless scrolling through profiles and a bunch of back and forth messages? Can Greens tell credibility or someone’s intellect on these sites? Can Greens get any sense of credibility from someone on a dating site? And how can Golds get any clue about someone’s trustworthiness, reliability, or traditional values? Click the comment button and care enough to share. Your name and e-mail will never show up. But do include your first Color!

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