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Golds Need Advice and Feedback

April 7th, 2014

Here are a few questions from Golds at seminars or by email. But rather than me answering them, since I’m a fellow Gold member, how about YOU click the comment button and tell them. Your name and email will never show, and it’s OK to be supportive, sympathetic, funny, or sarcastic:

-I have cord phobia. I can’t stand cable lines, extension cords, etc. that aren’t properly tucked away and out of sight. Am I the only person with this phobia?

-My kitchen counter pretty much needs to be empty, other than the coffee maker and toaster. Even the microwave is out of sight and I love the neat look when there’s nothing cluttering up the kitchen. Is that weird?

-I’ve spent – no – invested in a bunch of shoe organizers…and there are a fair number of shoes…please tell me I’m not the only Gold female!

-I get kind of cranky when others at work use my desk or borrow my stuff. Is it wrong that I’m pretty territorial?

-Is it OK for me to organize the kitchen junk drawer every few months, or is that going one step too far in the direction of OCD?

  1. janette
    April 8th, 2014 at 10:11 | #1

    I too have invested in many shoe organizers for my large shoe collection. I am currently looking for an entertainment center with drawers for dvd’s so I don’t have to look at them.
    I relate to the Gold that get cranky when people touch or borrow things from my desk. They move things around and often forget to give back what they borrowed. Please don’t touch my stuff!

  2. Rose-Marie
    April 8th, 2014 at 11:43 | #2

    Oh my god. I thought that I was the only one. Why not organize the junk drawer every few months. That way it makes it easier to find the right tool/item when you need it.
    Way to go on organizing the shoes. The boxes keep them clean of dust as well.
    I like a clean kitchen. I do leave some things on the counter, but not much. I also sweep the floor after the evening meal or just before I go to bed.
    What’s not to like about not seeing those computer cords hanging out. They are so unsightly.

  3. Jamie
    April 8th, 2014 at 11:45 | #3

    I’m a female high green with gold as my second highest and can relate quite strongly with all of these.

    Cords, counters and junk drawer: Neatness is a key component to tranquility in my life. When things are cluttered, I’m more stressed and prone to anxiety attacks. When I’m having an anxiety attack, organizing something is one of the most effective ways of getting back to a state of calm. I’ve labelled a lot of my cords near the plug so that I can easily find the one I’m looking for and don’t have to waste time figuring out which one is the one I want to plug in or unplug; I have a fairly large collection of baskets and bins to keep stuff sorted in all parts of my house..

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