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On TV: Survivor: The Best Color Clashes Yet

September 30th, 2009

A few weeks ago, the new season of Survivor started, and this year’s show has a great variety of Colors well worth watching. While all reality shows do personality assessments in looking for way more Blues and Oranges, Survivor Samoa has a great mix of people, based on the first episode.

Every show needs an agitator and someone to hate, and this year it’s high Orange business owner Russell. “Hey, I’m a multi-millionaire. I don’t need the money! I’m here to show how easy it is to win this game.” His self-proclaimed goal is to make life miserable for his team, as he empties all the water bottles the first night, and starts to burn the clothes of some of his teammates.

Within the first few hours he had also made four different and individual alliances with the women on his team. Russell suggested they’re “not that bright,” and it would be easy to manipulate them. He took it one step further when he told the entire camp a total lie about being stranded during hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, his dog dying, and having to be rescued off a rooftop after two days. “They’re so gullible…”

Note to Russell: It’s unraveling already, because a number of your teammates are high Blue and can spot a phony a mile away! High Blue Marisa actually told him the next day that she was really weary of him, and felt he couldn’t be trusted. But that assured he manipulated his tribe to assure she was voted off during the first show. Betsy, a police officer, wasn’t buying it either, sharing with one of the other women that “I would never trust him – woman’s intuition.”

Russell had a choice before the show started. His Orange could have chosen to be the fun and creative guy. He could have used his huge people skills to make genuine connections and easily make friends. He could have chosen to be a positive influence, and be the ultimate go-to guy in challenges with his drive to win. But Russell made a conscious choice to be the TV star and resident bad guy. It’ll get him way more TV time, while millions of viewers will love to hate him, but that’s fine with Russell. He just needs to get his mileage while he can, because he won’t be on the show as long as he thinks…stay tuned…

(High Gold Shannon’s first day on the show is on the blog already. And great news for Blues that a fellow Blue, Jordan Lloyd, won Big Brother last month! See – it pays to be nice and to fit in! Survivor’s Shannon, the super Gold story is on the blog already.)

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