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You’ve Got 20 Minutes, Tops

February 1st, 2009

A study by the Technical Institute found that way more than half of all gadgets purchased but returned for refunds actually worked just fine. The problem is that typical consumers will only spend an average of 20 minutes trying to figuring it out, before giving up and returning it.

But: A cool gadget is worth having, so most high Oranges might get frustrated but REALLY want this new toy and will quickly find someone to help them figure it out. After all, it’s not like they’re ever going to read the instruction manual. Nope – power it up and play with it until it works. After all, learning should always happen in a hands-on manner.

Of course, a high Green WILL read the manual, along with on-line research and WILL figure it out – that’s never in doubt. But Greens are much more likely to return something because the product doesn’t perform the way it’s supposed to: in the real world.

Our 20 minute max rule is the reason more than one-third of all routers and modems purchased at Best Buy, citing “too difficult to set up,” as the reason for return. There are also now three models of fridges which require an Internet connection…good luck with that…we just have to hope that the fridge isn’t interfacing with the bathroom scale!

So be really nice to your Green friends because you will need them more and more in the years to come. Or in the words of a 60 Minutes story: Tech support is a multi-billion dollar industry staffed by people who were mostly shunned in the school cafeteria. At least Greens and their Orange friends have the least stress in Tech support Centers where 29% of all callers swear and 21% yell right from the start.

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