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What Do We Want to “Make” Others Be Or Do?

It was just before six A.M. and I was trapped in a downtown hotel room without a coffee maker. Unfortunately, my policy is “no coffee – no workee!”

A few blocks down the street, I was fourth in line at a coffee shop, but I didn’t know I would still have some things to learn about how to order from the only high Gold clerk on shift. A single lady two ahead of me ordered three plain bagels to go. A few minutes later, the clerk reminded her that they were being toasted. But the customer just wanted them to go. “Well, you have to tell me that next time. We ALWAYS toast them.” The next customer asked about something he didn’t see on the shelf. “No, you have to come back after 10 A.M. I’m by myself here, you know.” That comment discouraged him altogether.

The high Blue lady just ahead of me didn’t fare any better, even though she seemed quite agreeable when being told “you’ll have to just wait a minute, I HAVE TO wipe down the counters first.” It did give her a chance to turn around and chat with me.

How did I make out? Well, my two banana nut muffins turned into something I didn’t recognize. When I asked to have them changed, the comment to me was, “you’ll have to speak up next time, I can’t hear you with the noise back here.” Good to remember – if there is a next time…

A funny story? Certainly. But as I was enjoying my coffee and muffins, I couldn’t help but wonder how often all of our Colors want to re-train or educate people to do things “our” way. Faster, slower, more paperwork, better organized, softer on people, better researched, with more flexibility, staying on track longer, shorter or better, or any number of ways. Which do you do, even without realizing it?

After all, without the tools of Colors, people only see, hear and judge our words and actions, and not our intentions.

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