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Gold Stories

Below are a few excerpts from e-mails I’ve received from high Golds. If that’s not your first Color, it’s a great quiz to see if you can understand what their stresses or frustrations are from these, and how serious some of these are for the largest group in the country!

  • I hate surprises. When my friends organized a surprise party for me I didn’t even show up!
  • The worst day of my life was when my fiancée proposed to me during our weekend run. My hair was a mess, I was in my running clothes and it wasn’t at all the way it was supposed to be for me.
  • The guy next to me has THE messiest work station. It’s a huge distraction for me just to look over there all the time!
  • My family told me they’d celebrate my birthday next Saturday. But my birthday is Thursday! That’s just wrong. Don’t they care enough about me to get the RIGHT day?
  • In my job I just won’t deal with people who are late for their appointment. It’s just a big red flag of unreliability right off the bat.
  • I’ll never volunteer for a project at work if I don’t have the time or freedom to do it properly. It’d just be setting me up as a loser.
  • Again we’re changing some procedures in our office. Doesn’t anyone care about doing it right the first time, or sticking with a decision. They have no idea how frustrating this is! I can’t ignore it because I’d be breaking the rules and I can’t get fully into it as I’m just wasting my time when it gets changed around again

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