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Dating a Green Can Change Your World

July 5th, 2016


Greens might only be around 14% of the population, but what they lack in numbers, they have in other strengths. Don’t forget, this isn’t just about dating a Green. If you work with them, or for them, most of these insights apply as well! If you’re single, it might be cool to date someone who wants to change the world – or parts of it. That means you (your Color) will change in some ways, too. For many, it’s a great idea – for others, it’s too challenging.

An Orange in a relationship with a Green is challenged to do something big. Not just to talk about it, but to do it. Greens see them as really competent and respect their direct approach and drive. But they’ll help an Orange to not get sidetracked, and to set specific goals. They’ll push for more than the “today” payoff or win. They’ll make an Orange pay the price for success, and call them on their inconsistent or non-logical ideas. They’ll definitely want a fully-thought out plan and idea before jumping into action.

A Gold will have all of their rules, plans, and structured life questioned. A Green sees them as too compliant, often blindly following the rules. They’ll force a Gold to question things and make independent decisions…not just follow societal rules. “I’ve always done it that way” won’t fly with a Green. Just working a to-do list and being busy without a goal or purpose may come to an end when dating a Green. There’ll be lots of changes, a few U-turns, logical shortcuts, and plenty of ambiguity. Say good bye to the simplicity of right and wrong or black and white.

A Blue will need to learn to explain their intuition and will be challenged (and helped) to put their dreams into action. Just dreaming doesn’t count for much unless there’s a plan to make it happen. A Blue will certainly learn to not give in to the needs of others, to maybe even say no the odd time, and develop a tougher skin. They’ll be pushed to pursue their potential and will get help with the frequent wondering if they’ve done enough. A Green will get them to do more, to do it more efficiently, or teach them to let their best be perfect enough and be good with that!

Two Greens in a relationship with each other is quite uncommon. In dating, Greens typically look for the intellectual connection first. But it’s hard to find large numbers of Green females. They’ll both push each other, but can have blind spots as to their own shortcomings. It’s likely that their independence will have them both in their own careers. That means tons of debriefings each night (if it’s not an all-night Green night where neither talks) and learning from each other. The bonus is that both will have a partner with whom they can logically discuss their feelings. Yes, Greens do talk about their feelings, but typically with someone who won’t get emotional over emotions.

PS: The Colors of Relationship book has every combination of Colors and a work section of “what each Color needs help with.”

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The Green Quiz

March 11th, 2012

OK, you can only read this if you have a sense of humor! High Greens REALLY want you to know this! It’s important, so see how many of these you agree with:

• Your boss is a little scared of you.
• You don’t suffer fools at all – let alone gladly.
• You know the difference between “infer” and “imply,” “borrow” and “lend,” “median” and “meridian.”
• You chastise your co-workers when they say “how ironic” over something that isn’t truly ironic at all, and your head explodes when they use the word “irregardless.”
• You stand behind your partner while he/she’s typing a letter and correct his/her spelling, punctuation and spacing.
• Your boss submits proposals and reports to YOU before sending them out to potential customers or management.
• You know the proper contexts for there/their/they’re, hear/here, you’re/your, peace/piece, and other simple homophones (not homonyms, like drive and drive, or homographs, like bow and bow) like these.
• You know the difference between a homonym, homograph, and homophone.
• You know the difference between the British and American way of spelling various words, e.g. colour/color, cheque/check, and make sure you consistently use one set of rules, unlike most people who are clueless as to which is which.
• You know how to spell “faux pas” and use it correctly in a sentence.
• You know when to use “you and I” (“we”) and “you and me” (“us”), unlike the illiterates around you who believed the teacher that told them you must always use “you and I”.
• During most newscasts you catch at least two or three grammatical or sentence structure errors and fight the urge to send the broadcaster an e-mail and really blast them.

How many statements do you agree with?

Score of 9-12: Congratulations, you’re high Green – see item 1! But right now you’re asking yourself why everybody wouldn’t score 9-12 here…
Score of 6-8: High Greens would concede you’ve got potential. Maybe one or two more night classes…
Score of 5 or less: You might be a little “green deficient”. Or more than likely, you started skimming the list with your brain screaming “who cares”?

Help! Do you have some ideas of what would make a Blue list? If so, click the comment link and send it! Maybe we can build a Blue quiz….

You’ve Got 20 Minutes, Tops

February 1st, 2009

A study by the Technical Institute found that way more than half of all gadgets purchased but returned for refunds actually worked just fine. The problem is that typical consumers will only spend an average of 20 minutes trying to figuring it out, before giving up and returning it.

But: A cool gadget is worth having, so most high Oranges might get frustrated but REALLY want this new toy and will quickly find someone to help them figure it out. After all, it’s not like they’re ever going to read the instruction manual. Nope – power it up and play with it until it works. After all, learning should always happen in a hands-on manner.

Of course, a high Green WILL read the manual, along with on-line research and WILL figure it out – that’s never in doubt. But Greens are much more likely to return something because the product doesn’t perform the way it’s supposed to: in the real world.

Our 20 minute max rule is the reason more than one-third of all routers and modems purchased at Best Buy, citing “too difficult to set up,” as the reason for return. There are also now three models of fridges which require an Internet connection…good luck with that…we just have to hope that the fridge isn’t interfacing with the bathroom scale!

So be really nice to your Green friends because you will need them more and more in the years to come. Or in the words of a 60 Minutes story: Tech support is a multi-billion dollar industry staffed by people who were mostly shunned in the school cafeteria. At least Greens and their Orange friends have the least stress in Tech support Centers where 29% of all callers swear and 21% yell right from the start.

Feedback From a Green

April 1st, 2008

The downside to writing this newsletter is that I have absolutely no clue if anyone even reads it. Unfortunately, more times than not, Golds look for external validation. Needless to say, I LOVE, welcome and look for feedback, stories, your triumphs and challenge – and do get it from high Greens.

Many of them have me on auto-reply to ask more questions, or to tell me something is misspelled in the newsletter. Don’t hear me wrong, Green buddies, I love that! Greens care enough to want you to know it and fix it. It is NOT an insult in any way. Here’s one example and some feedback:

Hello George: I scored 13 out of 13 on the quiz in November.  I’m assuming that naming a quiz about green-ness “The Gold Quiz” was an extra credit option to see who got it…

(Yes, Green sarcasm, but one of the best corrections I received)

Infer/Imply, irregardless, broadcasters and journalists who can’t master basic spelling and grammar, when it’s their stock in trade, having to proof-read and correct my children’s teacher’s correspondence… these are a few of the things that really drive me nuts.

(It’s the quickest way to lose credibility with this group!)

I once had a 30 minute argument with my boss over the proper usage of ensure as opposed to insure. The current dictionary says they mean the same thing, and that ensure is an archaic usage, but I STILL maintain that contextually, ensure means to guarantee an outcome, while insure means to safeguard against a particular outcome.

(Remember of the quiz questions: Is your boss scared of you?)

Here’s another one:  Do you enjoy reading the dictionary?  I enjoy answering those timeless word questions like:” If you can be feckless, what exactly is feck?  If you can be ruthless, can you be ruth?”  Or, “if disgruntled is a word, what does gruntled mean?”

(I learned something: Reading the dictionary? I did know that some newspapers have a column called grammar gaffes that Greens love to read!)

From E.R.

Six Green Stories for Every Color

March 1st, 2008

Finally! Here’s a new way to avoid even more sales people if you’re shopping for a vehicle. It is a great 3-D software program that a number of Honda stores use for on-line virtual test drives, and it’s very cool. One dealership has it on line where you don’t have to register with your name or e-mail address in order to just play with it. It’s Go to: New vehicles – virtual test drive.

Every Color will love this site, it is that insightful and will make you think! But it must have been a high Green who developed it, because it’s incredibly complex, yet so simple and powerful. It’s called the world clock and it’s well worth a look, and very self-explanatory at

The Leonardo da Vinci painting “The Last Supper” has now been made available on line. It’s mostly meant for researchers and art fans, but the technology and quality are incredible – to put it mildly. Your digital camera has about 5 to 8 pixels while this artwork uses 60 billion pixels! The quality is beyond perfect. It’s at:

AT&T in the US is the exclusive service provider for Apple iPhones. They’re pretty much a ‘must have’ for most high Greens and Oranges (just for different reasons) and I know a bunch of them in Canada that are going crazy waiting for Rodgers to get their act together. The people who lined up for days to get them first were pretty bent when Apple dropped the price. With any new gadget, there’s an implied agreement that these first buyers are entitled to a period of exclusivity, bragging rights and protection of some kind. But here’s the reason for the price drop: According to reports, AT&T pays Apple $18 a month per phone! Small wonder it’s totally a quantity game.

High Orange, listen up! Swingline is the biggest manufacturers of staplers in the world and their R&D division has developed something very cool. They’ve invented staples embedded with an RFID tag (kind of like a little GPS in every staple). That way, any important document you’ve stapled will never get lost, as you can easily track it – no matter how lost you thought it was!

Fair Game: My life as a spy is a book by Valerie Plame Wilson whose identity within the CIA was leaked by reporter Robert Novak. In the heavily censored book, Wilson shares that the CIA uses the Myers Briggs personality test for their recruits: “Most of the future operation officers, myself included, scored varying degrees of ENTJ.” It’s one of the smallest groups in the population and translates to extrovert Greens, or Green/Orange. Here is a link for an overview from Wikipedia:,_My_Betrayal_by_the_White_House

The Colors of Santa?

December 1st, 2007

His Green plans all year round, creates efficiencies and makes sure to learn from last year, since there’s no room for error when you’re working one long night where everything is on the line and HAS to go perfectly.

His Gold makes a list, OK many lists, checks them twice (at least) and plans the most efficient route. Plus, Santa is NEVER late, sick or misses a year. THAT is not an option – ever.

His Blue LOVES kids and everyone. He always has time to really listen to them and makes sure each of them feels included and gets to experience the special feeling of Christmas. Santa just wishes he could see the faces of kids when they do get to open that special present…

His Orange is hugely positive. He’s always laughing (HO HO HO!) and is very flexible, since kids have been known to change their minds about the fifty gifts they really really have to have this year. And Santa’s not really that strict with the naughty or nice thing, if the truth were known…who can remember stuff from February…oh – and his high Orange is very generous!