Think Your Son Or Daughter Doesn’t Like to Read? Probably Not…

November 6th, 2017

A common complaint and regret from parents is that their son or daughter doesn’t like to read. I’d bet that’s not the case for the vast majority. Often, the trouble is that their kid doesn’t like to read a book in the (Colors) language of their parent, or even teacher. If Colors is like speaking four different languages, test the theory and get them a book that fits their Color!

At a recent Leadership Colors seminar, the top Usborne Books people came up with THE best list for kids of all four Colors and ages. Reading has lifetime benefits for anyone. Test the theory and find one or two of these and your view may be very different.

To find them, contact an Usborne rep or online at: (for Canada) and for the U.S.

Orange under 8 or so

Slot Together Castle                                      Dan the Taxi Man

I’m a Dirty Dinosaur                                      Paper Airplanes

Nibbles                                                         Wind-Up/Pull Back Books

Mix & Match Series


Orange Teenagers

Conspiracy 365 (Serial Novel)                         Phoenix Files (Serial Novel)

A Year in My Life                                                The Impossible Quest Series

Sticker Dolly Dressing Series (Girls)              Sticker Dressing Series (Boys)


Gold under 8 or so

Wipe Clean Series (Activities, times tables, etc.)

Sticker Dolly Dressing Series                          Step by Step Drawing Series

Five Minute Bedtime Stories                           My First Reference Book

How Things Work


Gold Teenagers

Make Buildings (drawing book)                        This is Not a Math Book
Encyclopedias & References                              Patterns to Color Series

Write your own Story Book                               A Year in My Life (journal)

The Debt (Serial Novel)


Green under 8 or so

Children’s Encyclopedia                                    Q & A About…..??

Shine the Light Series                                        Computers and Coding

Beginners Non-Fiction Series (Bugs, Firefighters, Dogs, Astronomy)

Logic Puzzles/Math Puzzles/Brain Games     Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers


Green Teenagers

Discovery Adventure Stories                           The Story of Science

Forensic Science                                                World Wars

Science Encyclopedia                                       True Adventure Stories Series

Illustrated Norse Myths


Blue under 8 or so

Cuddle Bear                                                Animally

Wind-up/Pull Back Books                      My First Kitten/ My First Puppy

Farmyard Tales                                         Press Out Paper Dolls

The Secret Mermaid Series


Blue Teenagers

I am Jack Series                                          Butterflies

Do Nice Be Kind Spread Happy              Be the Change Make it Happen

Sandy Lane Stables Series                       Nature Coloring Books


From the Heart

November 6th, 2017

High Blues live life in their heart and through feelings. Blues also reach out to connect with people in ways that many not always seem obvious to others:

A couple of years ago, a high Blue friend needed to sign 7,000 fundraising letters as chairperson of a very large Christmas charity. Any Green would have found a software program that can pre-sign these letters, while Golds would want to add the personal signature, but get it done in one night and quickly off their to-do list. There’s a good chance an Orange would get a stamp, or ask the office staff to “just sign it for me.”

Not a high Blue. After a week, she proudly announced that a couple hundred letters were already signed. Another week later, 400 more were done and it seemed to be a never-ending project. But then I received my letter. The “Dear Mr. Boelcke” was crossed out and replaced by my first name, along with a personal note written on the bottom. Well of course it was – we’re friends. But then I asked this high Blue how many letters had a little personal note written on them? “All of them,” she replied. After all, it wasn’t just about signing the letters; it was about putting a little piece of her heart into every letter, with her personal touch.

Was this a waste of time, or an awesome Blue trait? No matter what you may thing, this is a real life example of a Blue. The next time a high Blue sends a card or special note you can be sure there is almost always a little something extra with it. It might be a sticker, something drawn on the envelope, an extra note, or something inserted. It is never just a card – it’s a high Blue connecting with you!

Thank You For Being Late

November 6th, 2017

That’s actually the title of the latest (and well worth reading) Thomas Friedman book: An Optimist’s guide to thriving in the age of accelerations

In the introduction, and not the theme of the book. Friedman explains how he would often schedule breakfast meetings in Washington, DC. However, his guests would often be 10 to 20 minutes late due to traffic, trouble getting the kids out of the house, or any number of reasons. His response was always: Thank you for being late.

That surprised all the late arrivals, who were rattled and apologetic, and expecting a much different reactions. Friedman explained that it actually created a few minutes for himself. A small block of “found” time to just relax and think. It had given him the time to connect some ideas, to listen in on the people at the next table, or just people-watch.

The first time Friedman wasn’t actually sure he meant it. But the second time he realized that he did. That he enjoyed the few minutes of uninterrupted thinking, and relaxing time. In any (every) chaotic day, it kind of gave him permission to just “slow down” for a bit. When he explained his unusual response to their apology, he started getting quite a few “I know what you mean” responses.

It reduced his stress level and he found (looked for) the value in the breakfast guest being late. Until then, we keep saying “I’m so busy…” as it were some kind of badge of honor, or something to be proud of. Hopefully over a third of the world that’s Gold will try it…who knows – it may help with the daily escalating stress level.

What’s In It for Your Color?

October 2nd, 2017

For each of our Colors, sports, games, get-togethers or hobbies often have a very different motivator. It might be the same activity, but we often do it for very different reasons and with a very different agenda, or mindset from other Colors. Here are three examples, see if you can identify or connect with some of the reasons:


  • Everything in neat rows – no weeds!
  • Ah – the chance to get away from people and just stay out here in the garden
  • Wildflowers! Definitely. No maintenance and I hope it rains because I’ll never remember to water them regularly.
  • A chance to create something beautiful and alive – right here in my garden.

Playing Monopoly:

Who organizes and plans the night

Who brings the snacks and drinks

Who acts as banker

Who watches that nobody cheats

Who actually knows and reads the rules

Who wants it at their house so they can show off their party room & 4K TV?

Who wants to bring a friend

Who wants to win no matter what it takes

Who just wants the game around just to play in between sharing stories

Going to a shooting range:

Who wants to know what to wear

Wants a silencer so the neighbors won’t be disturbed

Who goes: silencer? The noise is half the fun!

Who goes ready – fire – aim

Who just needs one bullet

Who wants to take the targets home and keep them in a file

Who is looking around for a machine gun instead

Who can (or wants to) take the gun apart and inspect it

Who wants to know if the rental is per bullet

Who, before leaving, thinks we should pick up all the shell casings

Who doesn’t want to shoot at a people silhouettes or a Bambi target

Do Men Only Like the Idea of Dating a Green Woman?

October 2nd, 2017

Generally, men like the idea of ‘dating up.’ That is, dating someone who’s more successful and intelligent than their (already really wonderful) self. But when the opportunity presents itself…they often back away. A study on speed dating found that men thought intelligence was quite appealing, unless they perceived the woman to be smarter than themselves.

Researchers from three universities recently took these experiments further and deeper. In the preliminary phase, 86% of men said they would feel comfortable dating someone smarter than themselves. Then they tested the claim.

The undergraduate students were given a hypothetical scenario about a woman who scored better on an intelligence test than they did. Then they asked how romantically desirable that woman seemed. In the second test, they were given an intelligence test and asked if they’d like to meet the woman down the hall who had either scored better or worse on the test. In both studies, the men were interested in meeting her and even dating.

In a further test, they were in the room with the woman and their test scores were read aloud. Then the men were asked to move their chairs across from the woman and to do a short survey on how attractive and desirable they found the woman to be. In the survey, and measuring the distance between their chairs, researchers found that reality is a little different. When the woman had scored higher on the intelligence test, the men’s survey showed they felt the woman was less attractive, and the distance between their chairs was much greater than those who were ‘matched’ with a woman who had scored lower on the test.

Along with three other tests, researchers found that men were less likely to date and interact with a smarter woman when she was face to face with them. Yet, if she was ‘psychologically distant’ (in the next room for the experiments) there wasn’t any difference in their desire to meet and date no matter what their intelligence score.

It’s not just Green women who are intelligent, but it certainly isn’t easy being a Green single female…

All Time Favorite Gold Movies?

October 2nd, 2017

A Myers-Briggs site recently listed some of the all time favorite movies for Gold. But you have to decide if some of them are your favorites. Click the comment and vote. Golds – what’s missing – what should be off the list?

Lord of the Rings: An epic journey, relentless struggle between good and evil, and selflessness of the good-guy characters

Star Wars: Another struggle between good and evil, a clear hero and villains

Borne series: Twists and turns, lots of moral and ethics issues, doing what’s right (OK, I have seen all of these and agree…)

Pride and Prejudice: Golds enjoy movies that take them back to a different time, ballrooms, a more eloquent time, and romantic without going over the top

Star Trek: Maybe it’s just for Gold/Greens or Green/Golds…many Typologists think Spock is a Green/Gold…it’s a make you think movie that’s more about science than space

Oceans 11: What’s not to love about a movie with the perfect plan that’s perfectly constructed and executed?

Braveheart: The battle of good versus evil in the face of adversity

Dead Poets Society: The story of the individual fighting for success and inspiration while trying not to disappoint parents…and a great comedic actor

The Harry Potter series: An unforgettable fantasy that features the battle between good and evil in the wizarding and muggle worlds. Harry Potter and his friends consistently show selflessness, bravery, courage, and a strong sense of inner morality.

The Fugitive: Dr. Kimble’s unwillingness to give up or to give in to despair against insurmountable odds. Golds can cheer for a man with his quiet resolve and integrity.