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The Two Colors Of the Music Industry

With only anecdotal evidence, and a ton of stories, you have to know that the vast majority of musicians are high Orange. Performing in front of large crowds, constant travel, all the spotlight – all the time, the creativity, and rush of all that attention and applause is something Oranges thrive on. Plus, they become really good by just experimenting, rather than taking formal music lessons that focus on what they “have to do,” or “should” do. That’s not how they learn! It’s: give me that guitar and let me see what I can do with no rules or boundaries.

But Blues are the ones who write most of the music that Oranges need to perform. Blues, and their great creativity, are responsible for writing most poetry, fiction, movie scripts, romance books, and music. Not everyone wants to hear them talk about their Blue feelings, so writing is a great way to express themselves in words.

One high Blue who fits into both worlds is Ottawa born Paul Anka. Anka is not only a great singer, he has also written a huge number of hits performed by everyone from Frank Sinatra (My Way) to Barbra Streisand. And now you can add the late Michael Jackson to that list.

The song, “This Is It”, was never credited to Anka (who wrote it way back in 1983) when the single was released a few years ago. Anka dealt with it in a very classy and forgiving way, as most Blues would. Not with lawyers, a twitter blast, or publicity stunts. Instead, the high Blue and high class Anka announced that it was “an honest mistake,” and, “I don’t want there to be any negatives about this out of respect for Michael.” Blues will always attempt to resolve a problem without conflict. They aren’t going to get taken advantage of if it matters, but it won’t be guns and lawyers on day one…

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