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Four Colors & Unique Ways They Make a Difference

Recently a huge book sales & distribution company received a massive wave of orders. The Orange president spent the entire day in the shipping department doing whatever it took to get the orders processed.

As I pulled up to their offices one morning, a Gold senior manager was walking from the far end of the staff parking lot. Why? The reply was that front line staff are the most valuable people in the company. They might not hear it often, but when walking by their cars, it was a good reminder for this VP not to get too hung up on the hierarchy and title.

A Blue manager was recently promoted and asked H.R. to deduct her increase right off her pay and donate it to charity. Why? The response was that: What you don’t see, you don’t spend. A significant raise meant being able to help others who aren’t as well off.

On the way to work a Green construction supervisor saw a man on the median: “Homeless – need money.” That was never going to happen. Instead, he got the man in the truck and to the job site, telling the down and out man he could have all the money he wanted – and here’s how to get it…

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