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Memo to The Media: They’re Green – Deal With It

A few years ago, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper attended a performance at the National Arts Centre with Yo-Yo Ma. During the performance, he actually went up on stage, sat down at the piano, and performed the Beatle’s song – With a Little Help From My Friends.

The media went nuts. For a Prime Minister who has been accused of not showing his “human side,” whatever that means, it was certainly unexpected. In fact, Maclean’s magazine did a six page story on “the story,” and a few more columns over the following weeks.

The Prime Minister is a high Green. He is an economist, has a Green face (he’s not mad), he doesn’t have a so-called “hidden agenda,” and is a lot more comfortable behind the scenes than in front of the cameras. The performance was not some “human breakthrough,” or staged in order to make him appear softer.

When Greens choose to do something, they want to do it right…OK… perfect. The bigger the audience, the more pressure Greens tend to experience since credibility is one of their core values.

When Secretary of State Clinton got emotional during the 2008 primary Presidential in New Hampshire, it wasn’t phony or staged. When the Prime Minister performed the song, it was a focus on doing it right on the piano much more than doing it right for the media. And when columnist Andrew Coyne suggested that another Green politician rip up a prepared speech in order to speak from the heart, it’s not going to happen.

With both these Greens campaigning again this year, could the media please calm down, or at least get a basic understanding of Colors, and the values, behaviors, and incredible gifts that Greens bring to politics just as much as they do in leadership positions…in your office…and in your family?

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