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If You’re Going to J.Lo’s Party – Be On Time

Some time ago, pop and American Idol star Jennifer Lopez celebrated her birthday with a very intimate dinner and party. But, according to a story in the New York Daily News, she was more bent than happy, that some of her guests were late.

I don’t know how high Gold Lopez is (it’s not her first Color) – I wasn’t even invited! But, according to reports, she was fuming that guests were late and was quite vocal in complaining about it. “Being late is the height of rudeness, and guests were still arriving at midnight,” was one of the quotes in the story.

Note to Jennifer Lopez: When you invite a bunch of people from the entertainment business, they’re likely to be high Oranges. Like all Golds should know: Relax and don’t make on-time the measurement of a successful party, or make it about you. Do what many Golds do for family dinners or parties (with only limited success): Tell them it starts an hour earlier and you’ll have a better chance they’ll be there for the “real” start time. Besides, once Oranges do arrive, it’ll be well worth the wait as the energy of the party will rise significantly.

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