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He’s Not Very Sensitive or Emotional

March 4th, 2015

That was the comment from a Blue lady about her husband. It’s a common complaint, and applies at work, just as much as it does in relationships, but:

Your husband is Orange/Green/Gold/Blue, while you’re all Blue – all the time.
He is sensitive and emotional – he just doesn’t express it. If you had written that, I would have agreed with you.

Remember that our first Color is how we want the world to function. So, your Blue believes that emotions and sensitivity should be expressed. But you married an opposite partly because he keeps you grounded and isn’t so emotional.

He’s Orange. Cracking a joke lightens up the mood, is meant to get you laughing and out of your sensitivity, and then he’ll move on. Oranges are winners and most often believe that emotions are a sign of weakness. Even if he “gets past that,” his second Color is Green. Greens live though logic and have a filter that blocks out emotional words and behaviors and ‘translates’ them to actionable plans, lessons learned, and ways to teach the other person.

After those two Colors it’s a Gold to-do list. Let’s not talk about it, lets do something about it. We can be sad about it after, but right now there’s a job to be done. That’s three ‘road blocks’ to getting to sensitivity and emotional reactions. The odds of getting over all three are small.

Not to mention that you’re all Blue, so when you get over sensitive or emotional, it’ll subconsciously make is ‘pendulum’ go the other way to be even less Blue…

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