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Orange Politicians

November 17th, 2014

I have to confess that I am a political junkie, but I detest “political talk” where almost nobody seems to be able to say something in one sentence, or can ever gives a yes or no answer. It drives me nuts when answers have absolutely no correlation to the question that was asked, or I hear a five-minute weasel-type answer.

It’s not about their politics, but that’s why I love to cheer for Orange politicians. If nothing else, Oranges are direct, to the point, and tell it like it is, without taking themselves too seriously. Sort of… You see, they still have to get elected, and that is often a challenge for Oranges, if they stay true to who they really are.

Two Oranges politicians that definitely manage to do it are the former Alberta Premier Ralph Klein, and current U.S. Vice President Joe Biden (as well as former President Clinton). On Meet The Press, Vice President Biden recently shared that he received a call from his son before the show, and his son told him: “Keep it short, Dad.” And after his interview, one of the political commentators called him: “just not a script guy.”

That is a great way to describe Oranges in all careers, and part of their real value. Yes, the White House staff always worries whenever Vice President Biden is near a microphone, but to me, it’s worth it. Or in the words of the Mindy McCready song: “This is me – take it or leave it. What you see is what you get.”

I hope we can (but won’t) get more of them into public life for so many reasons.
Besides, I bet more people prefer a politician who seems “real,” instead of scripted, sounding like a robot, or never going off message.

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