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How Do You Hire?

November 17th, 2014

A few months ago, a local newspaper organized a huge job fair. In total there were about 80 companies who set up booths at a trade center looking to talk to and recruit potential employees. From the financial services fields to health care, transportation to the restaurant industry and retail careers, everybody was there.

The huge newspaper ad had a headline promoting benefits, signing bonuses and great pay.

To see some of these companies in action (none of them were my clients), I wanted to go through the job fair to see if I could overhear some of the interview techniques to attract new employees.

To put it mildly, it was awful. All those potential employees and I didn’t hear a single pitch or conversation that was targeted to the person. It was exclusively promoting the pay, training, and promotional potential. Remember when we talked about Colors being akin to learning to speak four different languages? The very different languages of our Colors? THAT is connecting with people in ways they understand and value. Time and time again I watched obviously high Oranges and Blues just smile, take some written material they weren’t going to read and move on.

Talking about pay alone is not how to attract talented people that fit into a company, the culture, and who will want to stay. After all, pay is not the number one, two or three reasons people choose their career. Even if it is, since there aren’t unlimited raises, learning their values and what they look for in a careers is often better than a raise. (See the work chapter in the Colorful Personalities book).

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