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A Few Christmas Season Insights

November 17th, 2014

Golds: The 12 days of Christmas are NOT: planning, worrying, baking, cleaning, wrapping, etc. They’re about enjoying the season. Find some Blue friends and they’ll re-teach you the real meaning of the season. Or your Orange buddies who know that it’s the 12 days of parties!

Your Orange partner: As you know, they’ll likely go shopping on the 22nd or 23rd of December since they live for right now. If you (likely) don’t want a giftcard, give them a specific list of what you want. Include the name and address of the store with the description and the store’s stock number! That way they just have to find someone to pull them and pay. It’s a win-win: You’ll get what you want and it’ll be Orange-friendly shopping.

Buying for Greens: Sorry, you don’t know the ‘perfect’ presents that Greens really want, and have been thinking about and researching for months. If you search the newsletter archive for “Green kids” or “Green presents” you’ll find a lot of previous stories. Greens are the only Color that’s actually quite OK with giftcards. It’ll allow THEM to find the perfect present. When in doubt: Ask them – they’re fine with that and it’ll prevent presents that are way off track.

Blues love presents that come from the heart, and are specifically for them. That does not include kitchen presents – sorry. They’ll smile and thank you – but you’re way off the mark. If a present can be used by the whole family, it misses the mark. Sure, your Blue partner may want a new blender, but that isn’t a present from the heart.

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