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Oranges Rejoice!

October 13th, 2014

Hurray! Another piece of technology to make your life easier has now become affordable. Until now, there hasn’t been any help in finding stuff that you lose. OK, not lose…misplace… It’s one of the biggest stresses for Oranges because you have to stop multi-tasking and start to retrace your steps and a frequent ‘running late’ will now become running very late..

Want to spend $25 to make that pain go away? Stickr Track (available at stickrtrackr.com) is a coin sized GPS chip that can be attached to anything and everything small enough to potentially lose. The device can then be located or tracked on your smartphone. Stick it on the collar of your cat, the binder with the latest report, your keychain, or anything else that you need to find in a hurry….or should never lose or be without… When you’ve managed to pass on the ugly detail work of the report, stick it on the next one. Or, if you can find the report and not your phone, the Stickr also works the other way in locating that.

It’s another reason to thank Greens for all the inventions to make your crazy life a little easier.
Or perhaps others can get their Orange coworkers to carry it around. Since the last place you find an Orange is at their desk, this could be a big help in tracking THEM down, too…

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