Would You Rather Be Right Or Successful?

July 6th, 2015

High Gold Debra Seed owns a company called Travel Acquaintances. She was able to get on the show and pitch the five venture capitalists on CBC’s Dragon’s Den for a $125,000 investment. But things went off the rail quickly.

Seed’s company matches single, like-minded travelers for discount vacations on-line. Seed made it about half way through her initial pitch before she appeared to become rattled and losing her memorized lines. It’s hard for a Gold to want to do the perfect presentation, never mind being extremely nervous. But Seed should have read the newsletter on how to present, because she was immediately interrupted by one of the investors.

Number one problem for Golds is being interrupted (if looks could kill…), the second problem was hiding her disgust when the investor asked “do you guarantee action?” Excuse me? Barely hiding her disgust, she replied that it was a “friends-type” trip without strings attached. Again, the question of “action” came up. But her black and white mindset claimed the investors were looking at it the “wrong” way. Wrong? I thought this pitch was to grow the business? But the investors kept up their feedback that customers “want action, they want strings attached!”

The big problem was that Seed has invested $250,000 already, with only $10,000 in sales over the past two years. Unfortunately, more than half of it was actually spent on advertising! After that, rapid fire questions started that are hard for most Golds to deal with: We want you to make money! When? How? And so on… Seed replied that she wanted to change her business plan. But the investors replied it had taken her $250k and TWO years! Yes, the “perfect” plan, once decided on and written down, is hard for Golds to abandon, and change is a difficult issue for most, including Seed.

The additional investment was, in large part, to hire a marketing consultant. What? Note to Seeds: Find a high octane Orange, give them 25% of the company, and let them loose without interference, the perfect plan, a lot of restrictions, or wanting to be right more than happy. It’s NOT about hiring a company – it’s about a partner with the marketing and networking skills that wants to win and succeed and has some skin in the game!

All five investors declined to get involved, and Seeds seemed ready to pass out. Unfortunately, off camera, her feedback was that all of them were rude, inconsiderate, and should apologize. How sad she missed the point in so many ways.

The Two Colors Of the Music Industry

July 6th, 2015

With only anecdotal evidence, and a ton of stories, you have to know that the vast majority of musicians are high Orange. Performing in front of large crowds, constant travel, all the spotlight – all the time, the creativity, and rush of all that attention and applause is something Oranges thrive on. Plus, they become really good by just experimenting, rather than taking formal music lessons that focus on what they “have to do,” or “should” do. That’s not how they learn! It’s: give me that guitar and let me see what I can do with no rules or boundaries.

But Blues are the ones who write most of the music that Oranges need to perform. Blues, and their great creativity, are responsible for writing most poetry, fiction, movie scripts, romance books, and music. Not everyone wants to hear them talk about their Blue feelings, so writing is a great way to express themselves in words.

One high Blue who fits into both worlds is Ottawa born Paul Anka. Anka is not only a great singer, he has also written a huge number of hits performed by everyone from Frank Sinatra (My Way) to Barbra Streisand. And now you can add the late Michael Jackson to that list.

The song, “This Is It”, was never credited to Anka (who wrote it way back in 1983) when the single was released a few years ago. Anka dealt with it in a very classy and forgiving way, as most Blues would. Not with lawyers, a twitter blast, or publicity stunts. Instead, the high Blue and high class Anka announced that it was “an honest mistake,” and, “I don’t want there to be any negatives about this out of respect for Michael.” Blues will always attempt to resolve a problem without conflict. They aren’t going to get taken advantage of if it matters, but it won’t be guns and lawyers on day one…

Four Colors & Unique Ways They Make a Difference

July 6th, 2015

Recently a huge book sales & distribution company received a massive wave of orders. The Orange president spent the entire day in the shipping department doing whatever it took to get the orders processed.

As I pulled up to their offices one morning, a Gold senior manager was walking from the far end of the staff parking lot. Why? The reply was that front line staff are the most valuable people in the company. They might not hear it often, but when walking by their cars, it was a good reminder for this VP not to get too hung up on the hierarchy and title.

A Blue manager was recently promoted and asked H.R. to deduct her increase right off her pay and donate it to charity. Why? The response was that: What you don’t see, you don’t spend. A significant raise meant being able to help others who aren’t as well off.

On the way to work a Green construction supervisor saw a man on the median: “Homeless – need money.” That was never going to happen. Instead, he got the man in the truck and to the job site, telling the down and out man he could have all the money he wanted – and here’s how to get it…

If You’re Going to J.Lo’s Party – Be On Time

June 1st, 2015

Some time ago, pop and American Idol star Jennifer Lopez celebrated her birthday with a very intimate dinner and party. But, according to a story in the New York Daily News, she was more bent than happy, that some of her guests were late.

I don’t know how high Gold Lopez is (it’s not her first Color) – I wasn’t even invited! But, according to reports, she was fuming that guests were late and was quite vocal in complaining about it. “Being late is the height of rudeness, and guests were still arriving at midnight,” was one of the quotes in the story.

Note to Jennifer Lopez: When you invite a bunch of people from the entertainment business, they’re likely to be high Oranges. Like all Golds should know: Relax and don’t make on-time the measurement of a successful party, or make it about you. Do what many Golds do for family dinners or parties (with only limited success): Tell them it starts an hour earlier and you’ll have a better chance they’ll be there for the “real” start time. Besides, once Oranges do arrive, it’ll be well worth the wait as the energy of the party will rise significantly.

Memo to The Media: They’re Green – Deal With It

June 1st, 2015

A few years ago, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper attended a performance at the National Arts Centre with Yo-Yo Ma. During the performance, he actually went up on stage, sat down at the piano, and performed the Beatle’s song – With a Little Help From My Friends.

The media went nuts. For a Prime Minister who has been accused of not showing his “human side,” whatever that means, it was certainly unexpected. In fact, Maclean’s magazine did a six page story on “the story,” and a few more columns over the following weeks.

The Prime Minister is a high Green. He is an economist, has a Green face (he’s not mad), he doesn’t have a so-called “hidden agenda,” and is a lot more comfortable behind the scenes than in front of the cameras. The performance was not some “human breakthrough,” or staged in order to make him appear softer.

When Greens choose to do something, they want to do it right…OK… perfect. The bigger the audience, the more pressure Greens tend to experience since credibility is one of their core values.

When Secretary of State Clinton got emotional during the 2008 primary Presidential in New Hampshire, it wasn’t phony or staged. When the Prime Minister performed the song, it was a focus on doing it right on the piano much more than doing it right for the media. And when columnist Andrew Coyne suggested that another Green politician rip up a prepared speech in order to speak from the heart, it’s not going to happen.

With both these Greens campaigning again this year, could the media please calm down, or at least get a basic understanding of Colors, and the values, behaviors, and incredible gifts that Greens bring to politics just as much as they do in leadership positions…in your office…and in your family?

Believe What You Want To

June 1st, 2015

Whatever our Colors, it appears that most of us do make many decisions based on feelings over facts.

A study by psychologist Dr. Drew Westen of Emory University found that any individual’s predisposition is, in fact, a perfect predictor of their final decision 84 percent of the time!

The vast majority of people, according to Dr. Westen’s study, make their decisions based on emotions much more than facts. Of course, politicians and advertisers have long known this (or think they know), but it now appears that this is much more on target than we may want to admit. His study also indicates that more often than not, we look to others who will agree with our predisposition, instead of honest feedback.

So it appears that no matter what amount of facts the average person is presented with, almost nothing will change their original position. It can also explain why perhaps we are often reluctant to change our positions on things, often until it becomes an absolute necessity. While Blues almost always make their decisions intuitively, perhaps the other Colors use the “Blue part” of their Colors much more than we may think. Of course, it probably isn’t necessary to point out, but Greens are likely exempt from this disposition.